Branded Content: Foot Asylum
Short Film: Isolation
The Photography Foundation
Social Content: Captain Morgan
Branded Content: Harry Pinero
Social Content: Amazon
Branded Content: McDonalds
Artist: KnwGd
Docu-Series: Faded Noire
Branded Content: Reprezent
Social Content: Getty Images
Artist: Clive Mercury
Film Screening: Pempeople x RJM
Influencer: Deborah (Dee.x3)
Clothing Brand: Lugar
'Urban Error 404' Podcast
Influencer: LaaJoie
Thursday's Child Agency
'A Gay and A NonGay' Podcast
Branded Content: L.I.C x Spotlight
Social Content: Bien Avenue
Branded Content: Mode FM
BTS: Nomad MMA
Branded Content: Sandee MMA
Artist: Novelist
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